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The company ELECTRO-COM also performs complete network video surveillance systems for public access facilities (schools, kindergartens, libraries), residential real estate (with the installation of cameras in panels intercom, elevators, roofs, gardens), and any companies. An additional advantage of the monitoring system made by the company ELECTRO-COM is the ability to integrate it with other systems. For example, a combination of monitoring the installation of television bulk gives the ability to view on the TV what is happening currently in front of or inside a building constructed Each installation is accompanied by a care guarantee, we also provide services permanent and maintenance, as well as after sales service.


Krzysztof Kamocki
NIP 6112229018

ul. Grażyny Bacewicz 4
58-506 Jelenia Góra

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Tech Support

phone 75 610 64 97 [godz. 10-18]
phone 535 208 100 [godz. 24H]

email: sklep@elektro-kom.net

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