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construction of computer networks
network Construction of computer networks

Computer network

We offer construction and development of computer networks. We mainly on the WLAN technology. It is a local area network implemented without of wires. The advantages of wireless networks include:

Do zalet sieci bezprzewodowych należy:

- Mobility - computers can be moved

- Flexibility - easy to add new computers to the network

- Range - from tens of meters (indoor) to tens of kilometers (in open space)

- Ease of installation - no need to lay cables, drilling walls etc.

- Fast expansion and modification of the network structure



Krzysztof Kamocki
NIP 6112229018

ul. Grażyny Bacewicz 4
58-506 Jelenia Góra

computer help

Tech Support

phone 75 610 64 97 [godz. 10-18]
phone 535 208 100 [godz. 24H]

email: sklep@elektro-kom.net

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