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computer shop Who we are?

About Elektro-Kom

Shop, computer service ELECTRO-KOM does not only sell their products in the traditional way, but also offers online sales of computer hardware. Feel free to use our online store, available at

In our shop desktop and web guarantee the accuracy of provided services, security and speed of receiving products. We make every effort to ensure that shopping in our store are pure pleasure. This functionality allows you to comfortably store search items and efficient working customer service - for an immediate response of our company made by your order or request. We are aware of the dynamic development of the electrical, electronic and computer, so constantly enrich our assortment of new products, as well as upgrading their qualifications in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

firma komputerowa

Our strengths and goals

Shop all hardware responding to customer needs.

Computer service operating 24 hours a day.

Komis and IT buying electronic equipment.

Other services like web designing.

firma komputerowa Close contact with our customers and partners.

Convenient form of contact with the customer: phone, fax, e-mail.

High flexibility in the approach to each client.

Favourable conditions for warranty and technical support.

firma komputerowa Be a company recognized by customers and business partners as the most reliable and understanding their needs supplier.

To build a modern, integrated and effective organization.

To help develop our customers and partners.

Disseminate knowledge about the latest technologies and solutions and participate in the global information technology development process.



Krzysztof Kamocki
NIP 6112229018

ul. Grażyny Bacewicz 4
58-506 Jelenia Góra

computer help

Tech Support

phone 75 610 64 97 [godz. 10-18]
phone 535 208 100 [godz. 24H]


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